Outfit of the Day

Here's another lazy Outfit of the Day post, I was planning to take better shots of my outfit, which I wore to our family gathering a few weeks back. But I got very lazy and decided to settle for a mobile photo and a close-up of one aspect of my outfit which is a printed hooded vest by Josh Goot. I hope this photo will qualify for an OOTD post, since the weather is getting warmer and I don't see myself wearing the vest again at least until next winter.

I remember seeing a similar vest worn by my style icon Taylor Tomasi Hill during Paris Fashion Week last year and I instantly fell i love with it. A few months later, while browsing ShopBop.com, I saw the vest, not the identical one but by the same brand and had similar patterns, so I immediately bought it. I was worried at first that I won't get to wear and tear it much, but to my surprise I did, I paired it with leather pencil skirt and a fitted black top once. And on a different occasion I wore it with my leather leggings and oversized and shredded knit top. And finally I wore it over a black blazer and a pair of cropped jeans. You can find more of Goot's vests here.

TTH photo credit.


B said…
killer outfit! i love love love the pattern on the vest.

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