Video: Mr. Selfridge

I got to know about Mr. Selfridge through my colleague at work. The mini TV series centers on the early days of Selfridges, the most loved shopping destination for GCC shoppers in London. And it explores the real-life story of the flamboyant and visionary founder of Selfridges, U.S. retail magnate Harry Selfridge. I assumed since Selfridges is located in London, then it must have been founded by a British guy! I haven't seen the first episode yet, maybe over the weekend. But this is surely a genius branding exercise for the high-end retail department store.


miss ghesquiere said…
all the department store guys were. marshall fields, selfridge etc. he was so successful with selfridges but then squandered everything away on two twin sisters called the dolly sisters and died broke! :s this should be a nuts new series. cant wait.
Richard Parker and I said…
Do we know if Selfridges ship overseas?