Tom Ford is finally in Kuwait... Glamorously!

I was walking around Prestige the other day, the Grand Avenues' luxury high-end boutiques section, and saw Tom Ford's boutique already open. I'm not sure when it opened exactly, but I was very excited to finally see it right then and there in front of me. The store is absolutely chic. however, It was a bit.. too quiet. It actually felt like stepping into a private salon, I can barely hear my footsteps because of the thick carpet. The furniture was sleek and clean, the entire ambiance felt very sensual and glamorous. Everything was finished with a top-to-toe perfection. The boutique was displaying women's wear collection, handbags (yup the Natalia was there too in 4 different shades), jewelry, small leather goods, and accessories. I was instantly hooked to a pair of black lace-up sandals, as shown in the photo above, and a pair of metallic cat-eye sunglasses. hmm, need to get my shopping priorities straight, these will be added to my wish list for now until I sort out my must-buy list.