More Monies

Remember when I was in Istanbul last Summer and I posted a photo of lust-worthy accessories which were on display at the entrance of the hotel we stayed in? The W Hotel? Previous post here and as shown in the photo below. The brand behind these divine statement pieces is called MONIES. I remember that they also had their own standalone boutique right outside the hotel. I thought it was a Turkish brand, it was later that I found out that it's actually a Danish jewelry brand and they are renowned for their oversized handmade necklaces, bracelets and rings of amber, wood and semi-precious stones.

So a few days back I went to Harvey Nichols Kuwait to check out their end of season sale, and one huge golden necklace stopped me in my tracks. I took a closer look and to my surprise it was by MONIES! How exciting is that?! Unfortunately they only had three necklaces on display, I'm not sure if they have more in stock, but I would have loved to see more variety of MONIES. Of course they're not on sale. The golden necklace shown in the photo above was priced at KD 162. The Amethyst necklace however will set you back KD 2,000 more or less. Check them out if you're ever around that area. They're truly unique pieces.