Event: Bayt Lothan Exhibition

I passed by Bayt Lothan's exhibition and I must say that it was such a refined one. The courtyard of the old building was beautifully decorated with massive flower chandelier-like shapes designed by the talented wedding planner Wael Al Humaidhi. I have posted a pic on my instagram yesterday and featured one below as well. If you're looking for exceptional and unique home accessories to revamp your home with, fabulous everyday jewelry, or even caftans and shawls, then you must check it out. Today is the last day for the event. And here's a list of who is currently participating in this expo:

Wael Al Humaidhi - Paintings, home accessories and wedding planning.
Kan Zaman - Home accessories by Mohammed Al Barjas.
Bay'tona - Home accessories by Nuha Al Sudairawy.
Silk Stone - Home accessories by Anood Al Marzouq.
Haremlique - Bed linens and towels by Fay Al Ghunaim.
Black Pearl - Jewelry and accessories by Lulu Al Mishari.
Hamsa - Kaftans by Sharifa Al Ghanim.
Bouquet - Flowers by Salim Najim.
Mashtal Afnan - Plants and pots
Shawls - Shatoosh and pashmina shawls, by Jamila Al Marzouq.
Um Khalthoum collection - Perfumes by Rawya Bin Naji.
Zaree Teak - Kaftans by Bital Al Wugayan

Scroll down to view some of the pieces that I liked and caught my camera's attention...

Beautiful fashion accessories and jewelry by Black Peal boutique

Caftans and vests in the most beautiful shades and the softest velvets by Hamsa

How pretty is the setup at Hamsa's corner?

Arrangement by Wael Al Humaidhi

My favorite painting at the Expo is by Syrian artist Fadi Yazaji and it's priced for KD 12,000.

Vintage embroidery and pieces from Turkey

Pretty side tables with prettier butterfly details by Wael Al Humaidhi

Beautiful fire place

Kan Zaman has an amazing selection of home accessories and a lot of the items were already sold out, like the round tables shown below with wooden logs used as stands.


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I love the accessories and the fab head pieces!
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