Monday, April 30, 2012

The Ture Colors of Shoes

While doing my seasonal (more like weekly!) closet clean up to take note of what I need to buy for the season (as opposed to what I want), I came to realize that my shoe closet really lacked basic colors! I mean I didn't have any pair of brown, tan, or black flat sandals! Colors that are essential for building a complete summer wardrobe. Florescent? Yes.. and two pairs! Why would anyone in their right mind buy two pairs of florescent-colored shoes?!! Bright orange? Check. Red shoes? Absolutely! Hot pink? yellow? 3 shades of green? purple? Blues (lots of blues!)? Check, check, and check! And NO basic colors?! What can I say, blame it on impulse buying! So I decided to go to Sergio Rossi boutique in Salhiya Complex since my sister recommended that I check out their flat sandals in brown. I came in the store, and the first thing that caught my attention was the neon yellow one... and I fell in love with it even more than its boring brown version, the one which I was supposed to get...  I guess basic colored shoes and I are not meant to be... oh well.. old habits die hard.

Scroll down for more colorful shoes to love. 

Stilettos in the season's "it" shade pastel pink, spotted at MaxMara boutique in Salhiya Complex

Oooooh Fendi Fendi! When it comes to designer shoes, hands down, they have the most comfortable heels, and one of the best quality too, in in my humble opinion. Plus, who doesn't love a ladylike peep-toe heels and a cute bow detail? This style comes in yellow/white and black/white...

More from Fendi... 

Remember when I posted about Aldo's footwear collaboration ALDO Rise which i spotted during a recent visit to Dubai? The fashion project in which ALDO created with designers Mark Fast, Preen, Libertine and JW Anderson? Well guess what? I have found the missing Preen pair at the brand's store in the Avenues. I tired them on, and for some reason I wasn't as excited as I though I would be. Their price was tempting though KD 50 only! But something just wasn't right... I have to admin though they were quite comfortable. I also saw other styles (shown below) from the collaboration which were not available in Dubai.

Cute emerald green sandals from Uterqüe embellished with crystals. very Miu Miu like, no?

New Additions to Save the Date

New events and a fun design competition have been added to Save the Date page. Click here to find out more.

Dear Confashion.. Inquiries from My Inbox

I have received the following inquiries in my e-mail and I'm sharing them here with you in hopes you can help me to provide them with some answers in the comments section of this post. Thank you.

So let's start with question #1:

  1. lately I've been getting a lot of e-mails from the region from new and established businesses who are looking to participate in events being hosted in Kuwait. Do you know of any? If yes, what are their contact details?
  2. Another reader e-mailed me, wondering where she can get a customised clutch with Arabic writing on it, like someone's name? I remember two years ago, one of the stores at Villa Karizma, I think Ghazel el Banat? offered to customize clutches but not sure if they still do.

Video: Virginia by Ashi Studio

Ashi Studio presents a short movie titled Virginia, which is also the title of its S/S2012 collection, previously featured here.

The story behind Virginia is centered on an intellectual ideology of one of the prime modernist fictional figures of the twentieth century. The cosmic literature of Virginia Woolf’s life, work, marriage and suicide, was encrusted into each and every layer of fabric for each and every dress individually.

The real significance behind the collection is spun by the true love Woolf had for her husband. Where the true inspiration of the collection came from a letter she wrote to Leonard Woolf before her death.You can find out more about the British modernist author Virginia Woolf, click here.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Event: Visiting Alwan - Art & Fashion

Fashion accessories and clothes displayed in an art gallery? What else can a fashion-obsessed and art-loving person can ask for?!! I was invited to Alwan - Art & Fashion private preview, which is currently held at Dar AlFunoon until Tuesday May 1st. Sponsored by Goji Boutique and Qumar 14,  the event showcases an eclectic mix of regional and local brands such as Dana Nafisi Jewelry, Goji Boutique, Saudi brand Daneh Auras Everyday Jewelry, and Qumar 14, as well as a collective exhibition of Iranian Contemporary Art.

Naturally, the first items that caught my fashion radar were the statement necklaces, which by the way even look 100000 times better up-close than online! Shourouk? Dannijo? Or Katerina Psoma? Decisions decisions! It was quite difficult browsing Goji Boutique's accessories without falling for one. Proof? Scroll down...

Mixed media pieces and paintings by contemporary Iranian artists decorated the walls of the event.

Finally! Something from Fyunka! I missed meeting the designer in the PLT's event, so it was nice seeing her bags on display at Alwan. I loved this humorous make-up bag. In case you didn't know Fyunka is a Jeddah based line of fashion inspired designs with the influence of popular culture and Arabic type. I have featured her work previously here and here.

Hawazen Al Buaijan, the brainchild behind Goji Boutique looked fabulous dressed in silk polka dots pants with ribbon rope, a cut top, and beautiful statement accessories. 

I also had the pleasure of meeting Saudi designer Daneh who was dressed in one of her creations, a maxi jersey dress with ruffle details at the back. Perfect for those with fat-free physique... just like the designer herself. 

Saudi brand Auras Everyday Jewelry had a mouthwatering display mixing jewelry with sweet macaroons, candies, and beautiful cutlery. Everything looked so scrumptious, even the rings! Very Alice in Wonderland tea party display...

And next was Qumar 14's display of Ramadan colorful caftans, jewelry, and clutches, all designed by the owner of Qumar 14 Sara Al Ateeqi. Here, Sara is modeling her own designs, the bracelet, the cute caftan, and the necklace (shown below). She had a selection of beaded bib necklaces which you can choose with a fabric of the color of your choice and have it sewn into a caftan. Smart idea!

I loved how the caftan had a cute peplum detail

Clutches by Qumar 14

And a little bit of art...

Silk sarong/scarf also designed by Qumar 14.. I like the fact that she mixed 3 different floral prints in one piece, very Katrantzou! Me like!

A selection of colorful clutches and tassel necklaces
This necklace, worn and designed by Sara, can also be pre-ordered and customized.
Guys take note, the love wing necklace by Dana Nafisi makes a great gift idea for your fiancée!  Below is the designer at Alwan event. 

And last but not least, the Ricamo display. Always known for its unique contemporary chic and trendy houseware, Ricamo offered a selection of home accessories perfect for formal events or friends gatherings. Or maybe something for your office? Like the skull print mug. So fun!

Ricamo is also located at Salhiya Complex, mezzanine floor.

And how about this "mubkhar" shown on the left? Très chic

Beautiful serving plates and trays in case you're looking for some housewarming gift ideas?

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Event: Visiting Pretty Little Things

Whether hip home furniture and accessories you are looking for or an uber-chic pair of earrings is your thing, my roundup of things to do and see at Pretty Little Things event, will make it an easy browse for you. Held at   Al Sadu House from Saturday April 28th - Tuesday May 1st  and with the help of Abyat, the event will aid in the effort to renovate a local orphanage. 

I remember when I first attended PLT's event last year, which I covered here. This year's the selection is bigger and also sees an exciting lineup of regional brands by the likes of Saudi Arabian labels Razan Al Azzouni, Fyunka, and Sotra Boutique, whom I unfortunately missed to meet due to the fact that I came in a tad bit early. I was bummed out as I didn't get to meet the designers and see their stuff (except for Razan's). Oh well, there's always tomorrow. Other exciting participants included Boston-based Anakatarina Eco Gioielli, May Jewelry, Pieces By Farah, Th'haba, Paper Design Nest, So Lulu, The Yard, Baby B, Lina Jewelry Design, and Muneera Alsharhan. And also there was a line of scents, perfumes, bukhoor and scented candles from Saudi Arabia.

My first booth was AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli's where I had a close-up of the stunning18k rose gold, diamonds and mammoth bone ring with "Ishq/Lust" engraved on it. The designer, featured in the photo above, explained to me how she designs ethically sustaiable jewelry, all her diamonds are imported from Canda, one of the key players in the diamond industry as it aims to help with the dimond crisis in Africa. Or as they call it Blood Diamond. So that means her diamonds do not finance an insurgency or  help in invading army's war efforts in Africa, where around two-thirds of the world's diamonds are extracted. Remember the movie?

I have previously featured AnaKatarina Eco Gioielli' on my blog here.

Next was Pieces by Farah, also previously featured on my blog here, of course her work needs no introduction. Designer Farah Al-Humaidhi, shown in the photo below, debuted her Ramadan collection or tea cups and mini serving plates with cute florescent colored covers. The tea cups were quite reasonably prices, around KD 27 I think for a dozen? Not bad. 

Next we have Fudha Al Ateeqi's, where she showcased a pretty selection of cute travel bags, colored notebooks, greeting cards, accessories, white silk tops with blotches of blue paint and more. 

Words of wisdom... 

Fudha had the most adorable mini-fashionista as a sale assistant by her side. Actually as soon as I asked the little girl to pose she immediately gave me this cute smile. What can I say! The camera loves her, she's a natural and her place belongs in front of the camera. Karlie Kloss who?

Me and my obsession with statement necklaces... as seen on Fudha Al Ateeqi

And then I met the lovely family of jewelry designer Muneera Alsharhan. The designer showcased an exclusive handmade and hand-carved collection inspired by a visit to Beit AlSadu. You can see that some of the patterns used on Sadu's woven rugs are reflected in her jewelry pieces. 

Muneera AlSharhan graduated with a Bachlor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from Rhode Island School of Design in 2011. Very impressive indeed. Below are some of my favorite pieces of her collection, they're all perfect for everyday wear.

Loved how the designer's sister decorated her ear!

Another statement necklace to love by Muneera AlSharhan

I can't have enough of May's Jewelry! They're so simple and sweet in design, and the way some letters are designed??? Makes you wish your name started with a different letter like an "H" or an "A" or even "S"!

I must add that her display was the prettiest! Below designer May Al Qassar posing in front of her pretty jeweled garden. 

The oh-so-pretty things at The Yard's display! How adorable are these baby bibs? And the selection of Console Tables they had were beyond gorgeous. I think I fell for the green one, shown below, the most!

More from The Yard

Cute and delicate tops by Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni, whom I previously featured here. I wish I had the chance to meet her. She also had a selection of caftans and formal wear on display. 

Next we have  So Lulu's handmade jewelry designed by Lubna Al-Nakib, they had a nice selection of accessories to complement your Ramadan Caftan or even for everyday's use. 

My favorite piece of So Lulu was this coral necklace which reminded me of Dolce & Gabanna's red hot chili peppers prints for S/S 2012. 

Designer Lubna Al-Nakib of So Lulu
Cute tassle earring by Lina Jewelry Design. Loved the way how the designer, shown below, displayed her jewelry.

Th'haba's  is of course not a new name on the blog. We've always loved their stuff and of course still do. Check out the flat sheet diamond bracelets worn by the sweet owner.

Neon yellow statement necklace? What else can we ask for? As seen by one of the event's chic visitors.
Thank you Noaf Hussein, featured above and the organizer of the event, for inviting us to the event. Looking forward to next year's PLT. 


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