Winter Sale Blues

Winter season always frustrates me. I'm always wondering if I bought enough clothes and accessories for the season or not, or if the clothes I bought were too heavy or not. And I hate layereing long sleeves, they make me feel fat. I hate tights, they itch. I hate jackets, they bulk me up. And most of all I HATE it when I end up buying things full price and only get to wear them AFTER they go on sale because of our long hot weather. Take for example my Tabitha Simmons King’s velvet and pearl button peep-toe boots (don't they look fabulously festive>), I only wore them once so far, and a week after I've worn them, they go on Sale! What a bummer! If only I have waited for a month or so... Oh well, we can't always get what we want. And I'll make sure to wear and tear these babies for years to come.


Awh how sad!!! bs ma tadreen ymkin matelgain your size bel sale think positive:D! btw loved the pair<3
Anonymous said…
it happens to all of us ;/ i hate it when it goes 50 percent on sale when u i just bought it full price

those shoes are killers!