Webby Wednesday: WhyWander.com

Remember when I posted about So Passé vintage collection on my blog? Well, the same talented people have created this swell online business idea called WhyWander.com

The site is the only boutique travel business in the Middle East where they take care of all your travel needs from the moment you start your journey until you are back at your doorstep. It's a one stop shop for travelers from the Middle East looking to plan trips that go beyond the regular tourist itineraries that we are bombarded with in the region.WhyWander.com is  a service that is outside the realm of anything typical and instead offer bespoke travel experiences complete with booking flights, hotels, and with the addition of restaurant recommendations, activities, shopping itineraries and 'local experiences'. The site also aims to address the gap that exists in the Middle East regarding this sort of tailored travel service. 

If you wish to find out more about WhyWander.com, please click here