Outfit of the Day

Remember in my previous post about The Outlet Store, when I mentioned the Fummel + Kram scarves? I promised to share a photo of my scarf, so without further ado, I present you with my matryoshka Fummel + Kram. How adorable is the matryoshka doll with the sun glasses??!! *silence*.... You know something? I was really excited and everything looked great when I photographed it, but now as I'm writing this post, reality kicked in and I realized how boring this might be to some readers. My apologies for letting you suffer and go through this. Feel free to abort because I have reached the point of no return and will continue typing/publishing this post.

Anyhow, Fummel + Kram is a brand known for their cutting-edge hand embroidered quirky-cool designs sewn to perfection on traditional fabrics. They're prefect for casual lazy days. I bought it online through their website. And I wore it over the weekend with my Zara military jacket, grey tee (not shown),J Brand skinny jeans, and my Isabel Marant, which I purchased online last year, I was so nervous that the sneakers would sell out that I placed my order twice! It is safe to say that I'm not as passionate about them this year. But I'll keep on wearing them this season to get my money's worth.


Danderma said…
The scarf... is... delicious!
3leech ib alf 3afiya masha2 Allah its so yummy <3 Love the outfit!
Safiyya said…
The scarf too AHAWSHOMEEEEE! to make this outfit boring, so don't worry 'bout that, glad you published!
Anonymous said…
Ur style is amazing mashalla!!!! bs I really hope that in the future posts you try to show us more details of the outfit, 7asafa el jacket mo mbayen :(
Marie said…
Love the scarf, its gorgous
Loved the vest its so perfect with those Isabel marent's pair<3!