Mixed Feelings

The moment I saw Jimmy Choo x Rob Pruitt collection featured in an international fashion magazine, I immediately had mixed feelings about it. Glitter?!! Angel Panda and Devilish Panda??! Zebra and Cheetah prints mixed with colors of the rainbow AND lace?!?!? That was too much to handle and absorb! I'd describe it as Nicki Minaj-ish crazy (some pieces were fun to look at though)! Anyhow, when I saw some of the pieces up close at the brand's boutique in the Avenues, I kind of (I said kind of) warmed up to the idea of wearing the Anouk lace-covered leather pumps featured in the first photo, even though they looked very 80's, but I loved their fit and the way they carried me. The flats however were definitely not my cup of tea.

It is worth mentioning that Rob Pruitt is a New York artist  known for his jaw dropping and shocking art. You can find out more about him and his work by clicking here


Tatreez said…
just what's the point having Panda angels or whatever in the INTERIOR of the shoes?? no one will see it from the inside...
unless the lady who wears 'em take them off in the mall's prayer room to pray lol
Confashion said…
LOL! I think it's the designer's way of being creative and present unexpected details.