Luxury Jones

I came across one of the most interesting vintage boots I have ever seen at Boutique 4 by a brand called Luxury Jones. Basically, the designer of the boots scouts vintage markets for western-style vintage boots, cuts them to make them ankle-length, and then decorates them by hand with one-of-a-kind and unique vintage belts, so there are no two pairs alike. This toned-down pair look fun, but I don't think it's something I can pull off.



Anonymous said…
sorry but i don't like cowboy boots ! even though this one cought my eye . I say no buy .
I would never buy this pair a7ess wayed khabba ou eldesigner ma fakkar eb design bs ga3d elazeg ashya' bedon la yfakker;p
Anonymous said…
I think they would look great paired with skinny white distressed jeans, an oversized black tee, lots of friendship bracelets and a funky necklace