Furry Fendi

Yes I've been living under a rock the past month. And I'm sure you're tired of hearing my excuses. And you probably know the story behind my outdated post since Prestige, the new luxury extension of the Grand Avenue (previous post here), has opened weeks ago. So here goes nothing...

I finally managed to visit Prestige the other day and I was very impressed by the whole ambiance. And I'd say my favorite boutique at this new section so far has to be Fendi. I'm a huge fan of their shoes, the runway ones of course and not the monogrammed ones, they didn't have a big selection of runway shoes unfortunately. BUT my disappointed quickly turned into excitement when I saw the fur coats on display. I spent a good one hour marveling at their selection of furs. I had NO idea they were displaying three special not-for-sale iconic fur coats worn by the biggest celebrities in Hollywood. Take for example this Scanflow mink coat shown in the photo above. It is the same original coat worn by the queen of pop Madonna while filming Evita in 1996. It took 120 hours of workmanship to produce this coat. The coat has been borrowed from Madonna for the opening of Fendi Kuwait and will be returned back to her eventually. Isn't that super cool? The sales lady even let me try it on. Bad idea! The poor lady had a hard time trying to take it off from me! I kept stalling and walking around the store in it, as if I owned it! If only Madonna knew... tsk tsk tsk. 

Scroll down to find out who else lent their coat to Kuwait's Fendi branch. And yes I tried them on as well.

Long weasel skin coat in shades of brown and beige worn by Sharon Stone in the movie Catwoman in 2003. It took 65 hours of workmanship to produce this coat.

This coat was worn by Gwyneth Paltrow in the movie The Royal Tenenbaums in 2001. I LOVED her in this movie. According to the sales lady it took 60 hours of workmanship to produce this coat.

More coats from the main collection available to purchase