Event: The District Exhibition

If shopping around a Mall leaves you feeling saturated and dazed in the face of the many boutiques and merchandise asking to be bought, then you might want to check out the local fashion exhibitions being held from time to time around K-town. But we have to be picky here because some exhibitions are not worth your time or money. District's fashion exhibition thankfully does not fall under this criteria. I passed by their exhibition last night, where they displayed their latest A/W collection of casual chic clothes and funky accessories. They also had  a collection of mobile straps (yes the pearl one too), boots accessories, bracelets, and necklaces all exclusively made by N by Najla Al Mishari, the super stylish girl whom I featured in my yesterday's post with the drop-dead gorgeous black skirt and heels. I was hoping to get that golden metallic vest they have featured on their instagram account, but of course it was sold out already! Bummer! The sweet and oh-so-pretty girls of District informed me that I can pre-order it. Phew! My luck is not that bad after all.

In addition to District's own designed line of clothes, they had new Korean and Australian brands by emerging designers. I loved the pieces, perfect for layering and for getting that casual chic look right. Scroll down for some highlights of the exhibition. Last night was their last day, but you can contact them if you wish to order something and they will deliver it to you. Their contact details can be found here.

Very unique necklace which can be twisted, tied in knots, and turned. It can be worn as a head band and a belt too! Check out the photo below.

N by Najla Al Mishari mobile strap used as a necklace

Dresses by District, check out the N by Najla Al Mishari boots accessory in the photo below.

Gorgeous headbands

In love with this very regal long robe... fit for a Queen... or for Ramadan as an alternative to a caftan. Check out the details on the back in the photo below.


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