Customize Your Bag with Youtopia

Yesterday I have received an invite to attend an opening of a store called Youtopia Lifestyle store, set to open next week. There were no details mentioned in the invite of what sort of items will be sold, and my curiosity got the best of me so I checked their instagram account instantly. As I skimmed through their photos, I began to get an overview of what they'll be selling, which is home decor and accessories.  And I also found these super Kawaii customized pieces which they offer as part of their services. They reminded me of my customized LV speedy bag, which I promised I'll get a better photo of soon and share it with you here. I wonder how long it takes for a bag to be customized with your favorite print or artwork. I guess I'll have to wait for the opening day to find out.

Youtopia Lifestyle store will open at Lilly Center in Shuwaikh. For further inquiries, please call (+965) 6999-9636 or 2492-7787.