Confashions from Kuwait Featured on Arabia

A couple of months ago the team behind Arabia, Condé Nast's first fashion publication for the Middle East and first-ever Arabic online publication, have asked me to share my favorite fashion and beauty items of the A/W 2012 season as part of their online feature. You can read the feature by clicking here. Arabia offers Middle Eastern coverage of the world of fashion, designers, models, celebrities, beauty, accessories and shopping.


miss ghesquiere said…
1) whoa Conde Nast Middle East! Sy Newhouse said a few years ago he wouldnt come here!
2) Props on the Black Orchid. It's my favourite too! But Im soooo sad they totally changed the formula from when it was in the white packaging so I'm gona colour match it at Cosmetics a la Carte when I get to London. :(
Confashion said…
miss ghesquiere
Yup! I know! If my memory serves me right, in 2007 Condé Nast announced that it will never publish a Middle East edition of Vogue. Times are changing...

Oh they did?! I didn't know they've changed he formula of Tom Ford's lipstick.. :\ never heard of Cosmetics a la Carte.. will google it :)