Pumped Up Kicks

I remember reading somewhere that French designer Isabel Marant described her feelings to her most-wanted and much-hyped sneakers as “proud and disgusted”. And I'm not surprised, the Bekkets have been featured on almost every single media channel a zillion time, unfortunately including mine. And they have been replicated by high-street brands and other factories in China like there's no tomorrow. Apparently, Isabel Marant is suing Steve Madden, notorious for making copies of designer shoes, because they have duplicated the design. That said, I think this season will be the last time I get to wear and tear my Marants, which means I need a new pair of pumped up kicks. So while in Dubai, I came across some really really really cool sneakers which I added to my shopping list already. Unfortunately, two of them are from the Men's section, you know what this means? Look but don't touch.

Here's a quick rundown of some sizzling sneakers for men and women spotted either at LEVEL or the Adidas store in Dubai Mall, starting with the leather lace-up low top sneaker on rubber sole with large gold polka dots from Adidas x Jeremy Scott's Fall/Winter 2012 collection.

I love Opening Ceremony. So I was thrilled for a second when I saw these Adidas x Opening Ceremony floral print sneakers, my excitement disappeared when I found out that they're only for men! Not cool.

Can't have enough of Converse sneakers, check out the ones covered with Missoni fabrics in the photo below.