Thursday, November 8, 2012

Outfit of the Day

This is one of my lazy Outfit of the Day posts. My friend took this photo during the Pretty Green Bullet's exhibition a few days ago. We were both too teird to take a zillion photo and close-up, etc. So we only ended up with this one. I was wearing my silk floral and polka dots top from Alexander Wang, TopShop cropped jeans, Alexander Wang animal prints wedge heels, customized LV speedy bag, and my Givenchy shark tooth necklace.


Mira said...

loveeeee ur shoes ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing...This a gorgeous photo...Fashion is Art...and Your Outfit is a Masterpiece of Art!
Best said...

lovelyyy :****

adaralyn said...

why don't you ever have your face in the pictures??

miya said...

i'm curious for the bag .. a close up look for it pleeease <3


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