Event: Pretty Green Bullet: The Third Exhibition

Last night I passed by artist Ghada Al Kandari's latest exhibition titled Pretty Green Bullet: The Third Exhibition. The event, which was held at Al Arabana Project in Al Rai, is to celebrate four years of Pretty Green Bullet. I love Ghada as a person and as an artist and I loved how inviting, fun, and casual the invite was. In her invite, Ghada asked visitors to wear polka dots, to go with the theme of the exhibition. Luckily for me I had this silk floral print top with polka dots on the side. There is something nice being in Ghada's precense, the entire ambiance felt so friendly and very positive, unlike other events I attended, I felt very relaxed walking around. And Since I've been following Ghada on instagram and blog for quite some time, I had a brief idea of what will be displayed at the exhibition,  actually I had my mind set on wooden chair which Ghada used to paint Eve (or Eves) on, you will find its photo featured below. What I loved about it is that the girls, all dressed in my favorite pattern stripes, are all looking at this red polka dot drawn in the middle as if they want to have a bite of the forbidden apple, or it could be that they want to push the Stop button to slow down the pace of their world? Of course, knowing my luck, the chair was sold out just 30 minutes before I arrived (bummer!!) BUT I did end up buying something else that I have also been eyeing which is the one of the 12 colorful lanterns which Ghada made for the exhibition. So excited to have it set up in my living room, or maybe the dinning room.

Anyhow, check out some highlights of the evening in the photos below. And I'm not very sure but I think you can still check out the exhibition tonight as well. Arabana Project is held right behind Safat Al Ghanim in Al Rai.

In love with how the lanterns were installed next to each other, it felt as it I was floating in space among colorful planets.

My favorite chair... sob!

In other part of the exhibition Ghada had these really long tapestries made from floral fabrics with paintings of Ghada's signature Eve. I felt that these can make a nice alternative to boring curtains.  

I also had the pleasure of bumping into the talented and oh-so-sweet meem Al Essa, who makes these really pretty ballerina skirts, like the one she was wearing last night (shown in the photos above), I loved the way it looked against Eve.

Even the floor was covered in polka dots

The lovely Ghada Al Kandari, with her polka dots scarf of course

The award to the best dressed person in polka dots goes to this guy with the polka dots ghitra, how creative is that?! Thank you so much for letting me take a picture of you.


Anonymous said…
I would love to see how you will hang the lantern you bought from Ghada in your place, ive seen them but had no idea how to incorporate them in interior design
May said…
the guy with the polka dot quitra is my favorite photo!
Ghadah said…
I love it! Thank you, Ms. Confashions. Beautiful photos x

And it was good to see YOU too, N :)