Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Visit to Prada Boutique in Kuwait

A few days ago Prada opened a new boutique in Kuwait City at 360 Mall. The boutique offers the women's clothing, bags, accessories and footwear collections and the men’s luggage and accessories collections. I passed by the boutique a few days ago and I must say that interior wise, the place looked divine, merchandise was neatly and well presented. The boutique is divided in two areas: the first dedicated to women’s bags and accessories with chequered black and white marble flooring, and elegant display niches on the walls covered in green fabric. The second is dedicated to bags and footwear. The clothes, instead, are found in a more “intimate” area . These two spaces are connected by a walkway dedicated entirely to men’s leathergoods.

That said, I was slightly disappointed that I didn't see the runway handbags and shoes of A/W 2012 collection, you know the ones with flower detail? I'm not sure if they were sold out already because I went a day after the official opening. And like a typical Kuwaiti shopper, I had to leave the boutique buying something, so I ended up buying a bottle of perfume, which smelled really nice. The sales guy promised that they'll be displaying new items within the next couple of days... so let's give it the benefit of the doubt. Anyhow, enjoy the below photos of the boutique...

*Store photos credit (products not included) Prada.


Me Blogging said...

ee walla lovely images, you took them? waaaaayed 7ilween

Confashion said...

Me Blogging
The products? yes, the store? Nope :)

Bella Wilson said...

WOW! The boutique seems to be very beautiful with trendy collection of bags and outfits. I like that lather bag the most. I have the same bag, but in different brand. I purchased it from The Bag Shop. The most amazing thing about this bag is that it goes with each outfit.


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