The Sisterhood of the Borrowing Pants

I spotted this insanely gorgeous HervĂ© Van Der Straeten hammered ribbon-like gold-plated cuff on my sister for Eid and suddenly I longed for the old days when all of my sisters and I lived under one roof and easily borrowed from each other. It was so funny borrowing from each other because I had some certain rules that they had to follow and vice versa, like they were never ever allowed to borrow new things that I hadn't worn yet, things borrowed had to be returned EXACTLY the way they were in the cupboard (hello Monica Geller?!!), no spraying perfumes on my borrowed clothes.. etc. And god forbid if you break a rule! You'd have to plan for an escape route or resort to a some sort of "financial" compensation! 

Do you borrow from your sisters? if yes, what are/were your rules?



LadyB said…
I still live under the same roof with my sister, we borrow lots of shoes and bag from each others but the hell would break loose if she borrowed something that hasn't been worn yet :P
Pianoforte Girl said…
Eid Mubarak!
And let me say the bracelet is so beautiful. Its so nice you have a sister from who you can borrow stuff!