My Lost Clutch and Service Hero

Back in April 2012, I have placed an order online to buy this avant-garde Vlieger & Vandam gun embossed clutch bag. The clutch was supposed to be delivered to my US Aramex address by FedEx. For some weird reason FedEx delivered it to my old Aramex address. And when I noticed the delay in receiving my order, I contacted Aramex, who couldn't offer much help because according to them it wasn't their fault that FedEx delivered it to the old Aramex address, and FedEx refused to send someone to retrieve it, because it was already received by a "local broker", which until today I'm not sure what that meant. To cut a long story short, I lost hope and was very frustrated, so informed Vlieger & Vandam of what happened. To my delight, they offered to send me another clutch to compensate for my lost one, all on their expense. And I'm happy to announce that I have received it a few weeks ago. Now THAT's customer service. How many of us suffered from the quality of service offered by some retailers in Kuwait or the region? This brings me to my other subject of the day, Service Hero. 

Service Hero is the only website in the Arab world that measures service quality standards. Through it, you are able to rate service quality for over 400 places you frequent. You can find out more about them here.

The Service Hero team have devised an online survey to assess service standards across different industries by real customers like you. Voting only takes a few minutes and your voice will be a platform for positive change, and that's not all! You could win KD 200! Yup! Then you can buy the bang-bang clutch! Twinsies!


Service Hero said…
That was a lovely post!
Thank you for taking the time to write about Service Hero on your blog.

Glad to hear you got the bag after all :D