Mulberry Maisie

During my recent trip to London I remember seeing these new and refreshing Mulberry bags in a couple of London's high-end department stores, and I immediately thought to myself how refreshing the designs looked, especially after the brand kept re-producing the frumpy and over-commercialized Alexa bag in every color of the rainbow. The new line of bags is called Mulberry Maisie and they have this embossed detail of the brand's classic bags on them which gives the bags a modern and polished look. Available in black, brown, and red, their shades make them the perfect bag to transition into fall. The good news is that the one featured in the first photo with a thick chain strap is currently available at Mulberry boutique in The Avenues Phase II and it's selling for around KD 495. I gave it a quick test and carried it around and it was beautiful to carry, not heavy, and had the perfect shape and size. Check them out if you ever pass by Phase II or if you're looking for a new bag to purchase for this season.