Just Like...

I find it amusing playing the guessing game at Zara and finding out who the inspiration behind their newest arrivals. I must say this season inspirations from Isabel Marant dominated the Zara scene. And today's post is no different, we do have an "inspired-by-Marant" pair (shown in the last photo below). And we also have some inspirations by other designers. Let's start with these golden embroidered velvet ankle boots, they do look like they were inspired by the black suede ankle boots from Dolce & Gabbana. And below we have the flats with the colored studs just like Louboutin. And finally we have a pair of black leather silver/gold-tone studded brogue which look a lot like Church's.


The golden booties en suede are gorgeous! Should check it in the boutique
Love the black and golden booties!