Introducing Reem El Kanhal

I recently got introduced to a new and talented fashion designer based in Saudi Arabia named Reem al Kanhal. She was studying English Translation when she simultaneously launched her career in fashion design. Being driven by her lifelong passion, which developed at a very young age, she started to make simple and stylish tops and skirts that women could wear in many ways, with a constant concern: being different and singular.

Encouraged by the positive vibes towards her work, she decided to deepen her knowledge of fashion and visual arts by entering what was a first in Riyadh at that moment: the “Art & Skills Institute”. With her new perfect command of patron making and sewing, she was finally able to jump aboard the fashion ship and sail away to her dreams.

In 2010, one year after graduating, Reem al Kanhal created RK Designs, a ready-to-wear collection of clothes and accessories, with unusual cuts and unique prints that have a story to tell.  She's currently selling her designs in Riyadh and Sauce boutique in Dubai. Featured here are photos of her most recent collection, and my favorite pieces of the collection. I can't wait to see what the designer comes up with next season. 

You can find out more about Reem al Kanhal by clicking here.