Flavor of the Day: Our Exquisite Corpse Huichol Skulls

For those of you who love skulls, they'd appreciate having this beautifully patterned and brightly colored skull displayed in their living room. I spotted it on LNCC.com which had a selection of 13 unique skull on their online boutique. Our Exquisite Corpse, a brand that aims to both create and  collaborate to bring you unique, discerning and considered products from around the globe, have worked with the Huichol people of Mexico, who have a long history of creating beaded art,  to make these beaded skulls. Each skull features intricate craftsmanship and are uniquely different from one another. These unique beaded skulls are not only part of a limited collection, but remain a treasured piece of Huichol culture. You can view the entire collection here.