Welcome to St. Tropez

The last time I have been to St. Tropez was 5 years ago. I loved it back then, perfect weather, somewhat quiet, and just overall a very pleasant trip. This year it was very very very busy and HOT! It was August after all and I should have known better. Getting there by car was a long stop-and-go ride and the traffic was terrible. So the moment we arrived there we needed to eat something to get charged up and fuel for the day, we had a quick lunch at one of their cafes, this activity including some people watching too... bien sur! Then we headed out to explore the area for the second time. The tourist-clogged port was filled with artists painting and displaying their artworks, I loved checking out their mini galleries, I even remembered some of the paintings since my last visit. We bought a couple of paintings and I already decorated our home with. 
The best thing about the port is the walk out along the port to the lighthouse. Beautiful views and somewhat more serene that the walk on the port itself. Then we walked around the back streets of St. Tropez, a lot of shops and boutiques lined up there, which did not exist 5 years ago. It was kind of disappointing to see St. Tropez turning into a commercial district. I loved it better when it had less boutiques. 

Would I go there again for the 3rd time? Let's see, beautiful beaches, fantastic food, breathtaking views. Yup all will leave me wanting to return... just not in August. Ahem.. As the saying goes... Woah, party now. Too much money in the bank account. Hands in the air make you scream and shout. When we’re in St. Tropeeeez

Except now there is not much money left in the bank account!!!

Anyhow, I must take this opportunity to thank one of my lovely and sweet readers Ms. Lujain who took the time and effort to send me a long e-mail with details on where to go, where to swim, where to shop and where to eat in Cannes and St. Tropez. THANK YOU Lujain for making our trip even more memorable.

We spotted Chanel pop up store on Avenue du Général Leclerc, so we had to park somewhere to check it out. It had its own private garden and pool, and of course they were selling some exclusive items like beach bag with matching towel and floor mat. According to the sales lady, the store will be shut on 2 October.

The latest clutches from Bottega Veneta

Lanvin's window display, love the colorful angle wings

My favorite paintings on the port

Dior has also opened a new Saint Tropez pop-up store The space was designed by architect Peter Marino, who also designed Toujouri Boutique in Doha and I have previously mentioned him here. There was a beautiful tea salon/cafe in the garden with a gourmet menu. Check out Dior's logo in the photo below hidden between the trees at the entrance.

Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh,,, fresh air!


Anonymous said…
Beautiful Post...so nice photos:the South of France is such a marvellous place,...many famous Worldwide Artists live/lived there because the light is Fantastic...the Beauty of Mediterranean Nature!
Love also Your tastes in Art: Lovely Paintings...a touch of Naif !
Do You even Paint?...Maybe Yes?
Thanks for sharing