Visiting Beit Ahmed

I have finally managed to visit Beit Ahmed in Al Mubarakiya, Kuwait City after reading about it in so many blogs. The shop sells traditional and oriental clothing and accessories from Kuwait specifically and different parts of the world in general. It's an ideal place if you want to picks up souvenirs or if you're looking for unique gifts for friends and family. Or maybe if you need to buy an accessory or painting for your home. As I walked around the shop, I felt like this is Kuwait's semi-version of L'Artisan du Liban, in the sense of how things were being displayed and the emphasis on modern looking caftans in traditional fabrics, and other knick knacks here and there. Check out how cute the African dolls are!

I liked this wooden necklace with a profile of an African man

A colorful pot that serve as a chair and also to store thing under the lid.

I liked this show bag, I bought a few to use them as gift bags so that the receiver can re-use it instead of wasting away wrapping paper.

Yes she was and still is!

Colorful cotton bags perfect for the beach!

Check out the prints on the shawls shown in the photo above, so quirky cool! And below is a close-up of a bed headboard. Quite unique no?


I´ve been there a couple of times and recommended in my blog.

I love all her stuff.
Natalia from