Kuwait Got Style Baby!

Move over Mira and Leandra, there are new girls in fashion town. Yup! Kuwait's uber-chic girls, Ms. Noor Al Sabah and Ms. Shaikh Al Qatami, fashion buyers at AlOthman Boutique, were featured on Marie Claire magazine's website as part of the magazine's New York fashion Week's street style coverage. And I'm not surprised, the girls have amazing sense of style and have been regulars on Confashions from Kuwait's events coverage. Not that we needed Marie Claire Magazine's reassurance to realize that our hometown has its own stylish breed, but isn't that super cool?

*photos credit Marie Claire Magazine (US)


Anonymous said…
ee walaah move over mira LOL 3jbny il comment :P

I've been following them on instagram, loved all their outfits mashalah
Anonymous said…
Do u know where the purple dress is from