I Have Been Revolutionized

In fashion, there are some things you can never have enough of; in my case these would be the 3 S's: shoes  statement necklaces, and sunglasses. So I found out that Revolution boutique received the latest collection of Moo Piyasombatkul sunnies through their instagram account, I made sure to rush to the boutique over the weekend. I've been eyeing these Baroque framed sunglasses ever since I saw them last year at Browns boutique in London, I didn't buy them back then because they looked somewhat similar to my Prada's, especially that the Baroque shapes were in white.

This time, Moo’s Baroque eyewear came in all black, with four different but equally fabulous designs. I immediately snatched one and started using it right there and then. Suddenly ADR's crocodile sunnies look so... blah compared to these beauties framing your face. Price tag? KD 160. And make sure to bring cash as they don't have a K-net machine.

To find out the exact location of Revolution boutique, please click here.