Heavenly Creatures by MAC

Several weeks ago I have shared a photo on instagram (@confashions) displaying samples I have received from M.A.C Cosmetics, as part of their latest make-up launches titled Heavenly Creatures. A lot of you thought that they were candies or cupcakes at first glance. I agree! They do look very tempting to eat! And their colours look amazing, like pieces of colorful marble. I'm not sure if they've arrived Kuwait or not, because I receive my samples from Dubai. If you do know, please leave a comment and share your experience.

I wasn't so sure how these colors would actually look on my skin, but when I tired them on they blended in really well, at least for the one featured in the first photo which is the Mineralize Skinfinish, it gave a luminous and sheer glow to my skin with a hint of bronze. The texture was not very powdery, which gave me a somewhat natural lightweight application. I'd say it complemented my skin tone nicely... for now.. as I'm still tanned from my trip, so I'll need a couple of weeks to find out if it REALLY works well with my skin tone.

The below two photos are M.A.C's Mineralize eye shadows. They look lovely, but I'm cluless when it comes to eye shadows. However from what I've learned from beauty vloggers is that sometimes you need to build colour, layer after layer, to see how the eye shadow works for you. Will try it out next time I play with my make-up.