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If you’re looking to invest in an exotic-luxe statement bag this season, you might want to consider a clutch or a tote from Givenchy's Antigona line. I've actually been holding back on my Antigona purchase because it is heavy to carry! I think even heavier than Celine's luggage bag. And the fact that I tend to throw in a lot of junk and gadgets inside the bag, which probably makes the bag even 5 kilos heavier, doesn't encourage me to purchase. But the sight of Givenchy antigona croco-embossed leather bag in one of my favorite colors made me week in the knees! Price tag? KD 650+. Another option is to go for Givenchy's Antigona oversized envelope clutch. I love the faded-red detail on the fur covered clutch, it's light, and roomy enough for a clutch. Price tag? KD 300 more or less...

You can view my previous post about Givenchy's Atigona bag here. Givenchy boutique is located at 360 Mall.