And the Winners Are....

Remember the competition I have posted about a few weeks back which was organized by Posh Fairy, a newly launched style consultancy service, and T-Shirt Policy London? Readers were simply asked to state on various social media platforms that they've "Just entered @confashion competition to win @tpolicylondon new t-shirt and @posh_fairy style counseling session!". Due to the fact that we have received a large number of participants, we have decided to select 4 winners, instead of one, each representing a different social media platform, but only the first winner would receive the t-shirt AND the free style counseling session. The rest of the winners will get a free and super stylish Posh Fairy counseling session.

So, without further adieu, allow me to present you with our winners, drums please:
  1. Froyo (our first winner)
  2. Razza from @Razzablog
  3. Dana Baqer
  4. Abrar Al Sana'a (@Abrar_al9ane3)
Congratulations to our winners and better luck next time to everyone who participated and did not win. Winners are kindly requested to contact Posh Fairy by e-mail to arrange for gift collecting and further details. Please note that selection was completely done through  

Special thanks to Posh Fairy and T-Shirt Policy London for holding this competition through my blog.