The W Hotel in Istanbul

If you're following me on instgram or twitter, then you'd probably know by now that I'm currently vacationing in Istanbul, Turkey. This is my first time in this magical city and I'm loving every minute of it thanks to tips from friends and family, and of course google. We're staying at The W Hotel, which may not appeal to a lot of people because of its dark lighting and very modern, sometimes impractical, amenities. But personally, I love it! I have a thing for this chain of hotels, remember my previous stay at London's W Hotel? It's very hip, private, quiet, well located, close to historical places and of course Beymen and Co.! Their concierge service is beyond amazing, the best I have seen so far, no snobby attitude, always goes the extra mile to help. Superb! Here are some of my favorite things spotted at the hotel. For better view and more information, please click here.

Gorgeous chair at the Lobby area.. lots of pink neon lights throughout the hotel

The cieling in our room is covered with arabesque style design with a modern twist

Pink neon lights everywhere..

The hotel's restaurant/lounge area

Closeup of the beautiful details inside the lift

Statement necklaces at the lobby's entrance... love at first sight!

Loved their Terrace, a cool place to chill out...

In love with the tiles on the floor

I like how everywhere in the hotel they incorporated Ottoman patterns into the contemporary design

Bliss products too? Two thumbs up!


What's Next said…
i really love w hotel! one of the best spots to meet with friends & catch up or have fun later that night.. and many blogger events in istanbul take place there too. you have chosen a really nice place to stay :) enjoy!
fionkafied said…
Love W Hotel & this one looks amazing! Looking forward to posts on things to do in Istanbul :) Enjoy x
L'Arriviste said…
I didn't know they had a presence in Istanbul. The W in New York City is equally wow-some!
It kinda has the look and feel of the Missoni Kuwait except service standards are right up there.
You enjoy now!
To my mind, the W Istanbul comes across more of a Hudson Hotel in Hell's Kitchen (NY) meets Constantinople.
noon said…
wow! love the ambiance, inshalah ill suggest it for my next visit, i love turkey, such a beautiful country. i hope you can pass by topkapi palace and beware of dogs and cats :P
Alya said…
Can't wait to go to Turkey. I've never been there either.. I've been to the W Hotel in Doha, Qatar. Loved it. The complimentary Bliss products are the best! The lemon moisturizer is great, and so is the body wash and facial exfoliator.
Anonymous said…
Best hotel I have ever been to. I love the interiors, just seem to be amazing with the great designs. The rooms here are awesome! Nice blog! I will have to add this to my list of places to go next year. Thanks for sharing! Hotel Istanbul
roji koji said…
Great interior and tile designs...It is pleasure for people to live in W hotel when visit Istanbul.

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