Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Midas Touch

Taking the collar necklace to a whole new level? Then you might want to check out this jeweled bib necklace which I spotted recently at H&M. This is the perfect budget-friendly piece to bring glitz and glamour to your Fall dressing. I'd wear it with a plain silk peasant-style/pirate top a la Alexander McQueen style and a pair of velvet cropped pants, preferably in a jeweled tone like purple, and I'd finish off the look by piling on the cocktail rings. Price tag of the bib necklace? KD 19.900 only. A cool price to nail the opulent trend for Fall. 


she.is.the.one said...

did you really bought it already in h&m? i was there and they still do not have this collection. :(((

she.is.the.one said...


Confashion said...

Yup, H&M store at The Avenues :)

she.is.the.one said...

taht is so pitty. in zurich in switzerland they are little bit behind.
anyway, thank you for your kind reply :) i am your new follower :)


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