Plastic Fantastic

A day before I traveled, I dropped by Lime Light boutique, located at The Avenues Phase II, in search for the perfect beach shoes. I'm tried of wearing flip-flops, and wanted something more fun and flattering. The last time I have been to Lime Light I remember seeing Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, which is known for its jellylike plastic shoes. Perfecto! They're extremely comfortable, you can get them wet, walk in the sand, they're cute enough to wear with your favorite summer dress, have this nice bubblegum smell, and won't worry about them getting ruined.

I know that Melissa collaborated previously with Vivienne Westwood, but what I didn't know is that the brand also partnered with Jason Wu and Garth Pugh. The results? New styles for those who are looking for elegant or edgy beach/casual chic shoes. Featured here are Wu's and Pugh's designs. And they were priced around KD 35 more or less.


Anonymous said…
melissa nude pink (y) I'm smitten by all of melissa's shoes !
Confashion said…
So easy to clean after the beach :)