Outfit of the Day

Throughout my blogging years, I have received a lot of e-mails and comments suggesting that I should start introducing Outfit of the Day feature on my blog. It made sense, after all, it is a common thing to do as a fashion blogger. But still I was hesitatnt for many profound (and not-so-profound) reasons. But now, thanks to instgaram (@confashions), I started posting a few photos of my outfits (and other family members and friends too), which made me warm-up to the idea of taking it to the next level... aka outfit posts. So here goes nothing! Hope you'll enjoy viewing them.


WOW! A7la khabar you made my day:D! Btw LOVED YOUR OUTFIT<33!!
Safiyya said…
Yaay! I'm one of those people who was hoping for outfit posts! So yeah, I'll most certainly enjoy viewing them!! Thank u so much!

Your outfit is <3!

Hugs, S.
Great! look forward to see more ^^
Very nice & colourful!
Anonymous said…
ahhh!! Outfit of the day posts! Adding this is my favourite icing on the cake! You have many talents when it comes to being different or even spotting it! Which is why i love reading your blog. I can understand why you are a little nervous, but you should'nt be. We are your humble followers...You know what they say Confashions...."My heart's a flutter when you dress like butter" hey can you blame me, im fasting.
Anonymous said…
Yaaaaaaayy!!!! can't wait for your next outfit! <33
Confashion said…
Samaher Tariq
Thanks :)

4 Ketakeet emfarzineen
Thank you so much it was my sister :P still working on my "guts" issues :P

Yes you are ;) Thank you for your support :)

Aisha J Al Mansouri
Thank you :)

Stephanie Santana
Thanks! :)

LOL! Thank you so much I'm extremely flattered by your kind words! xoxo

Thank you ;)