Just Like Prada...

Zara just knows how to master the luxe-for-less pieces, making it possible for everybody to work the season's trends without breaking the bank. Check out these very Prada-esque pants with geometric prints which I spotted the other day. If only they came with a matching blazer, or better yet a matching long vest, preferably in very limited quantities... you know coz we don't want to bump into someone wearing the same. I know I know! Selfish wishful thinking! Oh well, you can't have your cake and eat it too!

 Runway photo credit style.com


fionkafied said…
I have the beige ones and I absolutely love them! x

Abaaaih zara enarfez eqalled ashkarra 7araam:(
Nuha said…
Nothing like Zara to quench your fashion thirst. I only wish we had one closer to where I live. But, then again maybe that's a good thing ;-)
Confashion said…
I liked their fit too :)

4 Ketakeet emfarzineen
Yeah sometimes it does go a littttlllle bit overboard :)

Believe me it is a good thing! hehe finding it hard to save money!
Ginger said…
This is a very good deal !!
B said…
how can you not love Zara?! i have quite the love affair with them! haha great fashion find =]
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