Inspirations for Caftans from the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

'That would make a really cool Ramadan caftan!' that's the first thing that crossed my mind when we visited the the Ethnographic Museum, located at the ground level of Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art. At the Ethnographic museuem you get to learn about the lifestyle of the Turks and their ancestors. I was instantly drawn to the details of their clothing and the way they layer their clothes and accessorize them, truly fascinating! If you're into designing caftans, this place is a true inspiration!

18th-19th century wooden sandals beautifully decorated with mother-of-pearl

Check out how fancy their towels were, these are from the 17th century if I'm not mistaken

The Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, located at Sultanahmet area, showcases a big selection of jewelry, carpets, rugs, calligraphy, and pottery. The good thing is that I was allowed to take photos. I fell in love with these 16th-17th century jeweled belts and brooch. The other thing that captured me the most was the details on the carved wood doors and windows on display. Wouldn't it be nice to replicate those and use them on Mediterranean-like bright white houses?