I Heart Istanbul

I'm writing this post about Istanbul, and there will be many more to follow, from my 2nd vacation destination, the French Riviera. I have left Istanbul but I miss it already! I liked it so much that I decided to visit it again. The scenic views, the mouthwatering food, the rich culture... I'm officially in love with Istanbul.

Featured photo was taken during our lunch at a restaurant called Sunset Grill & Bar.


Lama said…
I hear you! I'm head over heels for this genuinely unique city!
the mix of east and west is just breathtaking.
Jonathan Simmons said…
Did you stay around for the DJ party at Sunset? It's supposed to be quite lively from what I read here-http://goo.gl/DwRLf
Confashion said…
I wouldn't mind going there over and over again!

Jonathan Simmons
Yes but the music selection wasn't that great so we left after dinner :)