Get Your Ek Thongprasert Necklace Now

If you have plans to travel to Dubai this coming Eid, or better yet, you LIVE there, then you're one lucky shopper. The most sought after fashion accessory of the season Ek Thongprasert statement silicon necklaces are now available at S*uce boutique. The very fact that such a thing exists so very close, and yesss can be shipped to Kuwait or any part of the world for that matter and right away, made me so happy that I placed my order already! I'm sure that a trip there, even God forbid without a purchase, brightens the gloomiest of days.

Featured necklaces are currently available at the boutique plus other selection of mouthwatering colors and styles. You can read previous post on Ek Thongprasert necklaces here.

Photo credit S*uce boutique


WOW! I want them all *love struck*
Anonymous said…
love the nude pink!