Event: The Opening of MAZE Creative Concepts

Furniture isn't just something to sit on  and fill up an empty space with. Furniture is a celebration of our individuals style, our vision, and our culture.Which is very close in nature to how I perceive fashion. Yes I can get a plain and practical sofa at some local furniture manufacturers, but when I walk in the room will it say anything to me but 'sit here.'  The same applies to buying a bag, I don't want to just 'carry' a bag! I want to hold it close to my heart and look at it like beautiful form of art

Last night's event has precisely reflected my view on furniture. I had the pleasure of attending the opening of MAZE Creative Concepts, the brainchild of Furniture Designer Mrs. Bibi Al-Ghanim.The new store has been relocated to be a part of 52 Degrees' new extension.

Ever since I reviewed her former shop-in-shop located at 52 Degrees last December, I have been a huge fan of her artistic approach and her ability to mix colorful and traditional materials with her clean contemporary designs to produce high-quality, practical, and beautiful pieces. And last night's event was nothing short of exceptional and beautiful furniture and home accessories. I'll let the photos below do the talking...

Not only Mrs. Al Ghanim is a talented interior designer but she also provides consultancy services and customized furniture based on clients’ requirements. She will be showcasing her latest designs later this year at an interior design and furniture trade show in London.

To view my previous post, please click here. We wish Mrs. Bibi Al Ghanim the best of luck and special thanks to Mrs. Dahlia Al Ghunaim for her warm welcome and for having us. Please take a moment to scroll down for a quick glance of the pieces in store and last night's stylish crowd.

I have a weakness for pieces decorated with mother-of-pearl.. check out the legs of this table...

A beautifully set dinning-table by Mrs. Bibi Al-Ghanim

Knowing how hard it is to spot a nice Paravan, I was thrilled when I saw this one since my mom has been looking for one that doesn't look so tacky...

I'm in love with this mother-of-pearl table!

I spotted this small pieces of gorgeously embroidered and printed fabrics and I came to know through the event organizer that these were actually designed by Mrs. Bibi Al Ghanim and she can design and customize your furniture to your liking using her exclusive fabrics.

Dahlia of famous fashion blog Chic Intuition was wearing a Ramadan caftan designed by Kuwaiti designer Najeeba Al-Qadhibi.

Look what I spotted on the shop's floor! An illustration of turkish man dressed in traditional clothes. Isn't that super cute! Oh! and here are my colorful shoes of the evening...

I like this double-sided sofa!

And now a quick look at stylish guests of the evening.. Pastels and Prada? le sigh!

I think it is simply fabulous when your furniture comes with a booklet. Not a leaflet...a booklet.  MAZE Creative Concepts' colorful booklet, designed by Circus BC, comes with 'clear' pictures and philosophy.

Cute serving tray!

Yowza!! Givenchy's Spinal cord necklace! Love Lust at first sight!

I spy with my little eye a caftan designed by Razan Alazzouni! Lovely one...


Sanaa said…
Lovely event and pictures, may I ask where can I get a hold of the seen dara'a?
Rann Dann Fz said…
amazing blog i love it
keep what your doing you're an inspiration to all!
i followed you, follow me back if you want to
would mean alot<3
Confashion said…
I'm not sure which caftan exactly you are referring to You can find the following options:


Rann Dann Fz
Thank you so much :)
Miriam said…
I'm a sucker for a bright green bag, do you know the bag/oversized clutch the woman has in the last pic?
Anonymous said…
Hi, just wanna grab some of the wonderful photos taken from your amazing blog during the grand opening of mazecc, i posted it at www.facebook.com/mazecc1. on behalf of madam bibi alghanim, thank u for the astounding reviews. :D -Garry
Confashion said…
Thank you for your kind words :) And sure it would be my pleasure!