Decorate Your Caftan

Now a days it's nearly impossible to slip into your own Ramadan caftan without wearing a statement necklace. The whole lounging about with family and friends, Arabic coffee in hand optional, just wouldn't look quite right. I personally always on the hunt for statement necklaces to wear for Ramadan and beyond. They're my wow-factor to up the ante of any blah outfit. So when I spotted this Oscar de la Renta golden necklace at AlOthman Boutique the other day, I couldn't help but lust after it, it looked as if it was dripping from your neck in a very swanky and artistic silhouette reminiscent of rays of sunshine. Hmm... need to get my shopping priorities straight first now that I'm already shopping for Fall... then again, this could possibly top my list since my Fall purchases usually come from the accessories department.


They can also check as we tend to receive contributions related to upcoming expos, etc :)

Yeety 3al 3og, I've been going back and forth over this necklace but stopping myself and reasoning with it that I have enough golden necklaces.

Now that you have posted about it, you are urging my to go and just purchase it!

But that necklace definitely deserves a post, and a comment: you are a beautiful necklace.
Confashion said…
The Grapevine Kuwait
Thank you for sharing :)

Aisha J Al Mansouri
hahah What can I say! I'm a bad influence! :P
I agree... its beauty deserve a post of its own :)