Cruising the Bospharus

During our stay in Istanbul-Turkey, we took the public ferry where we saw many beautiful houses around the heavily-populated shores of Bosphorus river. The river separates the Asian from the European parts of Turkey. It must be really nice to live in a house with a terrace overlooking the blue shimmering waters of the river, such an incredible view! And of course it's typical for us as Kuwaities to wonder how much would it cost to buy a land overlooking the Bosphorus, and start comparing their prices with the insanely overpriced real estate in Kuwait. 

The trip was kind of long and I got a little bit bored at the end, but it was interesting to see Istanbul from a different perspective. A must if you're staying for a minimum of 4-5 days in the city.

Garden party anyone?

Tanning beds on the front porch of your house? Yes please!

OK, I'll take the top floor of this house, actually i'll take anything with a sea view.. yes even the garage!

Whosoever living in this house are definitely not arguing about who has the best view... and that's not all... check out the rest of the house in the photo below... it has a guest house attached to it, and 3 lounge seating areas too overlooking the bosphorus river... Niiiice.