Video & an Event: WHITExpo & Faisal Al Nashmi

One event you don't want to miss next week! WHITExpo. The exhibition showcases unique Kuwaiti talents and entrepreneurs under one roof. This year, the exhibition is titled Make A Wish Tree and it will be held from Sunday 29th till Monday 31st July 2012 in 360 Mall from 8pm-1am. For more events around K-town and the region, click here.

The WhiteExpo's video was produced and directed by Kuwaiti talent Faisal Al Nashmi, film director and food photographer by day, inventive Chef by night. I have known Faisal ever since he was a tiny little baby. And I'm must say it's really amazing to see his achievements now. Your mom did an amazing job (wink) and we're all so very proud of you. 

Here's another video, best watched after futoor, produced, created, and cooked by Faisal. Enjoy.


Budour said…
love it! Amazing work!