The Symphony of Fashion

Who needs to think about decorating a window display with arts and crafts when you have these extravagant, jaw-dropping, and absolutely gorgeous evening gowns on your display. I spent good 10 minutes staring at the beauty in front of me before going inside Symphony boutique, a high-end multi-brand boutique located at Dubai Mall. The white and red gown are designed by Mohammed Ashi, previously featured on my blog here, and they're part of Ashi Studio's S/S collection 2012. This fashion symphony called for a standing ovation, which in blogesphere translates to a dedicated post on its own. Double Encore!


Anonymous said…
if only i could fit into this white dress ;/
Confashion said…
I wish I could buy the entire Ashi collection :P
Amani said…
Luuv the dresses!!
How much does it cost?!
Confashion said…
I can't remember sorry :\