Skirt by Saunders

I have a weakness for full skirts. They're very girly, timeless, accentuate the waist, and look extremely elegant paired with button-down top or a shrunken fitted jacket. I spotted one at Al Othman Boutique the other day and I instantly got hooked The moment I tried it on. The skirt by Jonathan Saunders comes with a matching sleeveless cut-off shell top. But since I'm more on the petite side, I was able to tuck the supposedly cut-off top in. How convenient for me! And I just I loved the volume and fulness of this fifties prom-style skirt, which fell just below the knees. Oh! And just so you know, this Jonathan Saunders skirt, from the designer's pre-fall collection, can set you back a whooping KD 679. Note to self, always check the price tag before you try on something and fall head over heels with. 

*Pre-fall Jonathan Saunders photos via