Reviving Your Fendi baguette

Remember almost 15 years ago when the Fendi baguette was the "it" bag to carry? I remember my sister was in Milan when she first saw this colorful delicately and intricately embroidered baguette bag decorated with small  mirror discs. I clearly recall her describing it to me over the phone, all excited about her new purchase and I couldn't wait for her to come back and see it up close. And when I did, I was startled by it's beauty the bag was even more stunning than what I have imagined it to be. 

15 years later, Fendi decided to do an exclusive reissue edition of six of their favorite Fendi Baguettes. And guess what I saw on the window display of Fendi boutique in Dubai? Yup, the bag itself. I went inside to ask about the prices and I was shocked to find out that they super hiked up its price! Now the limited edition baguette is selling for around KD 1,100+. I think my sister got it for around KD 400 more or less? Good thing she is still holding on to her baguette!

So if you have managed to keep your Fendi Baguettes all those years, it is definitely time to carry them out again.

How about you send me a photo of YOUR Fendi baguette? I'd like to see how many of us still holding on to this bag. You can e-mail it/tweet it to me or instagram (@confashions) it (make sure to tag me so that I can be notified) and use the hashtag #confashionsFendi?? That sounds like a lot of fun! 


YasmineElCharif said…
It's all about reviving the classics!! I've seen ADR support this and its taken off since. Kenzo relaunched their iconic bag collection last year and were at the Avenues for their world tour, and who can ever forget Chanel's classic reissue line? I LOVE that we're bringing back the old in innovative ways. At the same time, It is such an exciting time to witness new designers take hold of the fashion spectrum and create their identities. It's so interesting! Who do you think is going to be around to reissue their classics in 50 years? Hmmm