The Oscar Goes to Tassels

I loved the turquoise Oscar de la Renta beaded tassel earrings the moment I saw them dangling and swaying on Serena's ears of Gossip Girl. Of course the turquoise earrings were soon sold out with a blink of an eye, and I ended up buying the navy version of the earrings from AlOthman boutique, because they looked just as glamorous minus the fun brightness of the turquoise ones of course, plus they were on sale so I couldn't resist. Last week, I found a shorter version of the beaded tassels in a fabulous shade of emerald green, one of my favorite colors, at Oscar de la Renta's boutique in Dubai, part of their new pre-fall collections. I immediately got them because the tassels were just perfect in length, and of course they will be adding spark and sparkle any outfit, especially black-colored ones. I also found another pair in maroon, and ivory white (but had long tassels). I also found some really nice statement necklaces and retro-like earrings and bracelets from the pre-fall collections. They also had the cutest floral dress... more on that later.


samaher tariq said…
when i first noticed them on net-a-porter i thought they should be too heavy

are they ?
Confashion said…
Samaher Tariq
They're not too heavy, I've worn heavier stuff... and I think the fact that they're clip-on makes them easier and bearable to wear :)