Let's Discuss LV x Yayoi Kusama's Collection

Soooo... you've seen and heard about the Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama collaboration, right? The Japanese artist known for her whimsical dot motif, collaborated with LV and created a limited edition collection of bags, shoes, accessories, and clothes covered in her signature dots. Let's discuss. 

I respect Yayoi Kusama's work as an artist and saw photos of her art work and they looked fascinating. However, I wasn't too amused by the fashion collaboration. I mean they looked too... ordinary. I personally much prefer the Murakami collection. This is my initial verdict for now. So I won't pass my final judgment until I see how the second release of this collection turn out to be. The 2nd release, set to debut sometime in October, will include a range of monogram leather goods. I hope they'll be incorporating more of Kusama's art in an original way.

All featured photos were photographed at LV boutique in Salhiya, Kuwait except for the the last two photos, they were taken by my fashion sidekick, my niece, during a recent visit to the brand's boutique in Beirut. Thank you D.


Miss Ghesquiere said…
i agree its pretty much normal stuff with dots on it. They took the dots as a motif and that was where they went wrong. Kusamas talent is in creating insane atmosphere from ordinary shapes and primary colours. Her talent is not decorative like Murakami, who specializes in the small and detailed (which translates into product very well). It was a dumb move by LV. They did her work a disservice by reducing it like this. :((
Latifa said…
The collection kind of reminded me of minnie mouse :p
Confashion said…
Miss Ghesquiere
Well said and I couldn't agree more..
The only good thing that came out of this is that she's finally getting some global recognition again, she hasn't has much since the 70s...

hahah true!
Anonymous said…
i don't like them one bit! she's could've done it better