Fibre Lash.. Your Brush on False Lashes

I know I'm no beauty guru, but every now and then I like experimenting with new make-up, just to give my boring make-up routine some revamp. So when I was approached by Cosmetology, a U.A.E. cosmetic distribution company, to give their newly released ModelCo FIBRE LASH mascara a test-drive. I immediately welcomed the idea.

How is this Mascara any different from other brands? Well basically, the smudge and tear proof ModelCo FIBRE LASH mascara gives you the false-lash effect, without having to apply false lashes manually. This was perfect for me since I'm clueless when it comes to applying false lashes. Plus the product did live up to its claim (for me at least), my lashes looked thick and lengthy, and the best part is that it did slide off easily using warm water or normal make up remover. 

The easy-to-use kit contains two mascaras: the Extension Mascara and the Lash Fibers. You simply apply a coat of the Extension Mascara. This will ensure that the fibres stick to the lashes. And then apply a coat of the Lash Fibers. I strongly recommend you start applying the Lash Fibers on the mid-length of your lashes to avoid fibers getting into your eyes, especially if you wear contact lenses. And then finally, finish off by applying a final coat of the Extension Mascara. This coat should cover the fibers, creating extra length.

I was quite impressed by the lengthening capabilities of this mascara and how easy it was to use. Overall, I think this would be great for anyone who's after somewhat natural and lengthy lashes without the mess of false lashes.

You can find out more about ModelCo FIBRE LASH mascara by clicking here. For video tutorial, please click here. To place an order, please click here.

A close up of the Extension Mascara and below a close up of the Lash Fibers Mascara


maci said…
Before and after picture would be great.
fionkafied said…
I've seen this mascara on blogs a lot lately, everyone seems to like it. It's definitely on my to-try list ;) thanks for the great review!
Wow! I'd love me some good looking lashes :D I remember faces Dubai selling Model Co Products.. I just dunno If they still do? Any Idea where to get it from..

Thanks for sharing
Confashion said…
I would if I had photogenique face ;) The video tutorial might be helpful...

Thank you for commenting :)

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I think your best bet would be online...